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Offering Hope and Healing Through Spirit Circles

Our Loved Ones In Spirit rejoice that we want to remain connected with them,

because they are always with us.


A Spirit Circle is a Group Medium Sitting and is limited to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 people, so that the group is small enough to ensure each person receives at least one specific message from their Loved Ones in the Afterlife.  Spirits Circles are scheduled to last approximately two hours.


Spirit Circles are held in a warm and intimate atmosphere, where new friends are often created from this shared experience.  Everyone present will hear from Loved Ones in Spirit, and receive messages of love, hope and healing.

You Can Host A Spirit Circle


The Spirit Circle can be at the home of the Host, or another venue arranged by the Host.  Stephanie normally needs to visit the venue in advance to ensure it is an appropriate space to for a Spirit Circle.


The Host has the option of restricting attendance to only those invited by the Host, or hosting an "Open Spirit Circle" where the event is published so others can register to attend through Stephanie.  


The charge for a Spirit Circle is $400. This covers a minimum of 4 participants, or a maximum of 9 participants and the Host.  It is the Hosts' discretion to charge participants or not.


Stephanie provides specific messages from Loved Ones in the Afterlife.  Each participant experiences Spirit communication in an up close and personal way, hearing what Loved Ones have to say about their life in a friendly and comfortable setting. Stephanie  feels, sees, hears and connects to those who want to say hello to those in attendance.  Messages are delivered in a clear and heartfelt way, with focus on the healing aspect of  re-establishing relationships that have been broken by death.




Everyone in the group will receive messages from their families, friends or Loved Ones who have passed on. As Stephanie links with Spirit, she will move through the group in a random manner. The sessions are beautiful, touching and above all, a time to connect with a Loved One, so that they can communicate with you in their own way, with whatever message they choose to deliver through Stephanie. There are times when it can be emotional, but you will be amongst friends, and no one is ever embarrassed, as Stephanie is very sensitive and aware of the nature of any communication.


Loved Ones in Spirit still have "free will", and can not be compelled to be present at a Spirit Circle.  However, they do know when we are thinking of them, and talking to them.  It does make a difference when participants spend time prior to the event expressing their desire, aloud or in silent meditation, for specific Loved Ones to be there for them.


The session typically runs two hours.  Feel free to bring a pad and pen to take notes if you wish, as no recording is allowed at these sessions in respect of everyone's privacy. The sessions start promptly, so everyone is encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early, so Stephanie can use all the time available.  If we start late, it reduces the amount of time available for everyone.


Contact Stephanie directly to schedule a Spirit Circle via the form below, or by her cell phone, 310-951-6383 

Stephanie Harris is a Certified Spirit Medium who has trained extensively with James Van Praagh, through his School of Mystical Arts.  Stephanie has also trained with Hollister Rand and Tony Stockwell (all three world renowned Mediums) She currently offers her services at the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice California and through private appointments

Please use this contact form below to begin arranging a Spirit Circle