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Offering Hope and Healing Through The Tarot

Tarot readings with Stephanie provide amazingly accurate and insightful answers to life’s never ending questions regarding: Career, Finances, Romantic Relationships, Life’s Purpose, Family Dynamics, etc.

Stephanie is an Accredited Clairvoyant, and brings over 13 years of experience to each Tarot reading. 


 Tarot readings with Stephanie focus on seeing the positive side of any situation, and offer possibilities that often were not being considered prior to the reading, thus providing Hope and Healing.

Tarot readings look at a present situation or question(s), how they relate to the past, or past events, and what possible futures exist given choice options that are likely to be presented.

Stephanie Harris is a Certified Spirit Medium who has trained extensively with James Van Praagh, through his School of Mystical Arts.  Stephanie has also trained with Hollister Rand and Tony Stockwell (all three world renowned Mediums) She currently offers her services at the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice California and through private appointments